Focus on the main human emotions, ‘hope’, ‘fear’, ‘love’, ‘hate’.
Will Smith

“Everything the character says should be the character’s line, what they want to say, not the writer.”
Carl Iglesias

What makes a great script great, and what makes a terrible story terrible?


6 Stages

10 % The Setup. Introduce the hero (save the cat)
15% New Situation. Presented to an event
1/4 End of act one – The outer motivation
Act 2 Stage 3 Progress – Formulate a plan and the plan seems to work


Makes a bigger comitment to the point

The point of no return

Stage 4: Complications and higher stakes

3/4 – end of act 2 – Major set-back.

Stage 5 – Final push, putting everything on the line


Stage 6 – Aftermath. New life after completing the journey.